Frequently Asked Questions

What is Silvers?

Silvers brings the knowledge of active seniors to our communities through real life experiences and activities. We are a platform where inspiring people with life knowledge can sign up to host a series of workshops, experiences, evenings, or moments that bridge the connection between generations.

How do I book an experience?

Choose the experience you are interested in, click on 'book experience', choose the date + time you would like, and enter your details. This will send a booking request to the Silvers team, when we have reviewed the request we will in return send you a mobilepay request from the team. Once you have completed the mobilepay request your booking is confirmed and you will receive an email.

Who am I going to go with?

Unless specified otherwise all Silvers experiences are group experiences. Part of the fun is meeting the Silver, but another part is getting to connect with other cool people who have booked tickets!

Why do I receive a Mobilepay request? Is it safe?

We're still in early days at Silvers HQ and still rely on mobilepay to receive payment. We will only request payment once a booking has been made, and it's totally safe!

How do I book more than one spot?

Right now each spot has to be booked individually, so to book 2 spots you make 2 individual purchases, for 3 make 3, etc. We will send a mobilepay request for each before the spot is confirmed.

What should I expect from a SILVERS Experience?

Each SILVERs experience is different depending on how the Silver themselves wants to create it. However, all SILVERs experiences are based on the principles of authentic connections, exchange of life stories, and sharing wisdom. The rest you'll have to experience for yourself!

Why should I try Silvers?

We're doing something different that will bring new life and human connections to our communities and bring forth new energy to cross-generational cooperation. Open yourself up to a new kind of experience!

What kind of atmosphere can I expect?

‍Curious, open, friendly, connective.

I want to stay in touch with a Silver!

Send us a message at! We'll try to put you in contact.

Where is Silvers based?

Copenhagen with experiences also in wider Denmark.

How do I find the location of the experience?

You will always receive the location details by text, the Silver will be waiting there to welcome you. If you've taken a good look around and you still can't find the silver, you can contact us at and we'll help you to find your way.

What is a Silver?

A Silver is an active senior with a passion for a topic, who wants to help bridge the generational wisdom, creativity and connection gap through hosting an experience. They're usually very friendly and inspiring people, who will enrichen your mind and hopefully teach you something you didn't know before meeting them!

Can anyone be a Silver?

Are you interested in becoming a Silver but you don't feel like you fit into the profile? Maybe you do! Send our Community Builder Emma a message at, she'll love to hear from you.

What is the experience cost based off?

We charge a baseline of 50kr for operational costs and running the silvers platform, above that the prices reflect the equipment, time, venue, and food or drinks included. friendly, connective.

What if I don't speak Danish?

Don't worry if you don't speak Danish. Our Silvers come in many languages! As a baseline all Silvers are happy to speak either Danish or English (or both)! Some of them even speak Spanish, French, and many more, so you might be pleasantly surprised to find a Silver who speaks your native language. If you are feeling unsure you can send us a message after booking to confirm that the Silver will be comfortable speaking to you through a language you're comfortable in.

I'm curious but I don't know if I'm ready to become a Silver

We LOVE curiousity! Let's go for a coffee and chat about it? Send Emma a message at

How do I register to become a silver?

Use our google form, it's in both English and Danish. Your form will be sent to the team as an expression of interest and we will reach out to you for a coffee meeting to see what the next steps are!