Full Moon Swim and Poetry


With Jesper


1.5 hour - Saturday 22nd June, 7pm.

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Life stories inspiration

What you will do

Join us for a winter bathing under the FULL MOON with an experienced man like Jesper at Amastrandpark. Immerse yourself in an authentic evening with Jesper, a visual artist with more than 70 years living in Denmark.

Experience a serene evening swim followed by a poetry session. Bring along a poem of your choice and share it under the full moon and tea in Jesper's house in front of the beach. It's an inspiring experience where you can connect with nature & yourself—a night of introspection and shared stories.

What's included?

- Entrance fee

- Tour to studio 7

- Meet & greet

What's needed?

- Poem by your choice - Bike



Jesper is a visual artist mainly working with photography and video since 2005. In 2009 he started doing his umbrella videos besides fiction he also makes documentary mainly in cooperation with performance friends. He works in *Studio 7 - the roof in Studio 7 is the Heaven the walls are the corners of the world the floor is sand, weed, stones.... the light is what you get from the sun, the moon, stars and candles......... Studio 7 is mainly situated on Amager Strand ( but any beach is Studio ). His favorite shooting hours are Sunrisetime and the blue hour at the end of the day. Jesper gave birth to Berlin Soup The International Festival of the ARTS together with his friend The multiartist Lennox Raphael in 2012. Since 2013 The Festival has been held in Berlin, Copenhagen and Athens. Human tip: he loves umbrellas!


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